7 reasons to choose company structure for your business

Company formation Slovenia
Here are 7 reasons why choosing a company formation Slvoenia structure for your business may make good sense

1. Personal asset protection

Companies are the most popular structure for business growth because of their limited liability (Ltd) structure. If you are a sole trader, you are the business, so your personal assets are not separate and business failure (perhaps through no fault of your own) can place them at risk. In a partnership, you may be held ‘jointly and severally’ liable for the debts incurred by your partners, again potentially placing your personal assets at risk.

A company’s liability is limited to its capital (including any unpaid portion). The personal assets of the shareholders and directors (often the same people in smaller companies) are generally protected unless the directors have ‘traded recklessly’. Although limited liability can be eroded by personal guarantees that the company director(s) may have to sign, not all creditors will demand personal guarantees and company owners may also be able to withdraw or reduce the need for personal guarantees as the company strengthens.


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